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Leave Your Body To The Hot Bubbling Water

Gentle water and a relaxing time spent. Clear your mind and leave your body to the warm water.
Spend a blissful time letting go of every thought and freeing yourself from every care.

Amanohashidate Onsen

Tubs of umbrella pine and walls of chestnut. Relax and enjoy the hot water in outdoor rotenburo open-air baths made of stone from far off Shikoku and adorned with mountain grasses and flowers.

The Amanohashidate hot springs are famous springs that are referred to as "water parks of the gods". They're also known for their skin beautifying effects and for maintaining skin texture.

Spring quality
Radium-containing iron(II)-sodium-chloride spring
Effective against Rheumatism / Nerve Pain / Ailments / Cold Sensitivity / Exhaustion / Chronic Skin Conditions / Feminine Diseases / Gout / Arteriosclerosis, etc.

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