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This Is Whole New World.
Where You Can Feel At One With The Still Quiet That Seems To Melt Into The Flat Amanohashidate View.

Let your heart be at peace with the perfectly flat and still beauty that starts at your window and stretches far into the horizon.

Search For A Room That Suits You.

We have a variety of rooms available in our 100% sukiya-style building built by Kyoto craftsmen. Please select a room that suits you. We can also equip rooms with tables and chairs.

*We can be flexible for certain needs only after check in and during dinner, etc. Please let us know about these at the time of reservation.

Deluxe Suite "Kumoi"

"Loved by countless artists and writers"

These spacious corner rooms offer a sweeping view of Amanohashidate extending out to the Asokai Sea and beyond from the gardens. These two Japanese-style rooms and tearoom are our highest grade suites.

Floor plan[10 mats + 6 mats + tearoom]

Special Room "Ama no Ukihashi" ("Heavenly Floating Bridge")

Newly built in March 2022

A guest room located in the innermost part of Shourotei. While respecting the taste of Japan, you can enjoy the special feeling of a modern Japanese space with a living room, bedroom and semi-rotenburo (open-air bath).

Floor planJapanese-style room (8 tatami mats), living room, bedroom, shoin (Japanese-style study)

“Ama no Hagoromo” (“Heavenly robe of feathers”)

“The grace of a celestial maiden’s robe of feathers”

This 85-square-meter room is named after the legend of Hagoromo. And elegant and graceful tatami mat rooms with a view of a Japanese garden facing the inland sea “Aso Sea”, with a newly built indoor terrace and semi-open-air bath where you can feel the warmth of wood. Experience the fusion of the greatest traditional Japanese travel atmosphere and modern design.

Floor planApproximately 85 square meters. Japanese-style room (10 mats) + indoor terrace (5 mats) Bedroom, semi-open-air bath

“Ama no Yukyu” (“Heaven’s Eternity”)

“Blissful moments forever”

A luxurious layout of 79 square meters with a maximum capacity of 2 people for a special trip for special couples. An indoor terrace with a view of a Japanese garden that faces the inland sea “Aso Sea”. A semi-open-air bath in the room for just the two of you. Enjoy the “Japanese Modern” to the fullest.

Floor planApproximately 79 square meters. Japanese-style foom (8 square meters) + living room (4 square meters) Bedroom, indoor terrace (4 square meters) and a semi-open-air bath


"A unique view of one of Japan's three scenic spots"

A room with sweeping views over the calm Asokai Sea and the pine trees that line Amanohashidate. Spend a blissful time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and surrounded by plantlife and the ocean...

Floor plan10 mats + 4 mats


"Enjoying one of Japan's three scenic spots"

The sea, gardens, and Amanohashidate merge right in front of your eyes. Spend a day healing your soul while staring out over this flat landscape...

Floor plan8 mats + 4 mats

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Room availability search
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