Amanohashidate, one of the three most scenic spots in Japan Shourotei official website / Monjusou Group

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All you can hear is the sound of the waves
Monjusou Shourotei, another world on the cape

Amanohashidate is a land bridge that connects heaven and earth.

Monjusou Shourotei is located behind Monjudo hall (Chion-ji Temple), which is known for the saying "if three people gather, the wisdom of Monju" ("two heads are better than one").

"Everything is so flat and peaceful". These are the words of a writer and an artist who once visited us.

The road to the sea and the beautiful architecture are both woven together to create a "flat" luxury and a peaceful moment.


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Monjudoumisaki amanohashidate Miyadu-shi
KYOTO 626-0001 JAPAN