You can hear the echoes of the past in every nook and cranny of this building that blends perfectly into the Amanohashidate scenery.
Discover beautiful moments made of light and shadow in this wide space.


Standing beside Amanohashidate

The Shorotei is a single-storey ryokan which was built entirely in the sukiya architectural style by Kyoto craftsmen.
It stands tranquilly on the tip of Cape Monjudo which runs parallel to Amanohashidate, and where you can find Chion-ji Temple, a temple that enshrines one of Japan's three Monju bodhisattva.









Free chie no mochi at check in

At check in you can receive Amanohashidate's famous chie no mochi rice cakes reminiscent of the area's traditional table and chair style of tea ceremony. Monjuso Kanshichi Chaya's chie no mochi rice cakes were first made in 1690 and it is said that if you eat this mochi then you will inherit the knowledge of the Monju bodhisattva. You can find out more about Kanshichi Chaya tea house >>Click here

Seasonal spectacles of Amanohashidate

Cape Monjudo stretches out parallel to Amanohashidate, one of Japan's three scenic spots. At the tip of this cape you can find the Shorotei. Unique and spectacular scenes can be viewed each season from this single-level garden.
If you look beyond you can spot the trees that line Amanohashidate and distinctly reflect each of the four seasons. Some visitors come each season in order to see the changes in this foliage.